The English language, which is the closest language around the world, is another
means for us to join the stream of world culture. This is where English proficiency becomes
vital in today’s world and country. English proficiency is the ability to speak, read and/or
write in English.
In Philippines education system, high school students with ages ranging from 12 to
18 are expected to have already basic knowledge of English and the four communication
skills which will enable them to function satisfactorily in certain English communication
situations. The basic goal of high school English is to enhance the student’s knowledge and
skills so that that they can function effectively in any situation which requires the use of
English particularly in a classroom setting that challenges their academic performance. They
need to be able to express their ideas and opinions in speech and in writing. They need to
think independently, critically and creatively. They should be given opportunities to enhance
higher order thinking skills like analysis and evaluation.


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