The Disability Discrimination Act defines the term disability. The act prevents discrimination towards disabled people in employment, housing, training, transport, goods, facilities and services. The act created the term ‘reasonable adjustments’, as small changes had to be made according to this act to facilitate the needs of disabled people. This was introduced over a period of time due to cost. The act offered protection against discrimination towards a person with a disability, and also entitlement to reasonable adjustments in the work place to ensure the needs of the person with a disability are met which reduces discrimination. The disability discrimination act was amended in 2005, and then later replaces by the Disability Act of 2006, and then it was further replaced in 2010 by the equality act.

Secondly, the human rights act sets out the overall rights and freedoms that everyone in the UK is ultimately entitled to. The act incorporates the rights that are set out in the European Convention on Human Rights; meaning that if you have your human rights breached you can take the case into a British court. This means that you are able to defend your rights in UK courts and also public organisations, for example the police or the government must treat people equally and with fairness, dignity and respect. These pieces of legislation promote equality and diversity, and protect people from discrimination, which relates to my job role as in my job role individuals human rights are always promoted in my job which promotes equality as we treat every individual with fairness, also the disability discrimination act relates to my job role as I work at a day centre for adults with complex learning disabilities and it is so important to me that these individuals are not discriminated against for their disabilities, as I believe every individual should be treated equally no matter what differences there may be.

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2.3 Describe how to challenge discrimination in a way that encourages change

Discrimination can be challenged in a way that promotes or encourages change, as I believe people discriminate against people because of a preconceived idea that they may have, like a pre judgement. So I believe that teaching people about people’s differences, and making them more knowledgeable on the matter may change their opinion and reduce the likelihood of discriminating occurring. So an example of this could relate to my work environment, we support adults with complex learning disabilities. Sometimes in the community the individuals we support can be discriminated against because people believe they perhaps are ‘different’ so we try to challenge this belief from a young age. Our service now has school links with local schools hat ensures that children from a young age meet individuals with learnings disabilities, which challenges discrimination from a young age, as these children then become more knowledgeable about learning disabilities therefore this encourages perhaps a change of opinion from a young age.

3.1 Identify a range of sources of information, advice and support about diversity, equality and inclusion

Information, advice and support can be found about diversity, equality and inclusion in many ways for example the internet can be used as a source of information or advice because there are many websites that are a source of information. There are government websites that show you current laws and legislations relating to diversity, equality and inclusion that are available to read. Also there are books that you can read to inform you about equality, diversity and inclusion. Also talking to other people can be a source of information if you have any questions. Also when working with an individual information can be sourced from the individual themselves or perhaps heir care plan. Another source could perhaps be the care quality commission as they have established sources of information, or the equality and human rights commission. These commissions have websites that are accessible to read or download information from.

3.2 Describe how to access information, advice and support about diversity, equality and inclusion

Information can be accessed by reading the books that are available, so this information could be accessed perhaps at the local library . Also information can be accessed from the care quality commission or the equality and human rights commissions websites as information can be accessed here and read, and they have multiple information sources that can be downloaded or printed off. Also information or advice can be gained from the courses that we are sent in from work, as we often learn about equality, diversity and inclusion whilst on courses.

3.3 Identify when to access information, advice and support about diversity, equality and inclusion

Information should be accessed as and when required, however basic information should be accessed to gain knowledge when starting the job role and throughout the job role as this knowledge can be essential. I have just started my apprenticeship and I have gained knowledge myself so far by reading books, internet access, courses and other colleagues and I have accessed this because I have just started my role and I need the information to succeed in my job.

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