The differences between the settler’s ways and the indian’s ways is that the indians believe that everyone should survive off the land and they are very spiritual. Settlers believe that one should be formally educated and that they should wear decent clothes.The native americans live off the land and the settlers depend on others to get their supplies. Indians can’t accept the settlers because they think that they are taken their land.The indians believe the whites are odd people,and want whites to leave.The whites are compromising the land and killing trees.
Indians use the land to create homes from wood and leaves. Settlers built homes using cement and blocks. Indians make clothes from bark and skin from animals. Settlers wore clothing made out of cotton. Indians wore moccasins that were light, comfortable and waterproof. Settlers wore shoes made out of wood so they could be heard. Indians ate bears and fish and slept on the ground. Settlers lived in houses,slept on beds.and ate wheat and beef. Settlers cared about money, brick houses, and being the richest person on the block. It is very different from the Indians who doesn’t care about any of that stuff. All indians cared about is nature, family, and religion. Indians don’t care about the material things. Indians could live in a hut and be just fine having no tv, no music. no nothing.
Indians knew that every being has a spirit or is a spirit. Settlers believe in Only God, and the Holy Spirit.Indians live off of the land and believe in many different kinds of spirits and/or gods. The whites believe that there is one true god. However, they do both believe that the ways that they live are right and the ways that the other group lives is wrong. Settlers have barns filled with grain for their kettles when they need it. Indian has none of those things. Indians are reliant on the land.Settlers are spoiled they think they are the best and that no one can beat them at anything.Indians respect anyone that talked to them nicely. Settlers didn’t even think they were worth talking to so the indians rebelled. Settlers thought that they were savages,saying that the indians were acting up. Indians depended on the land and settlers is taking all the land. They need the land and it was their land. Settlers depend on each other. Settlers like to stay inside and be surrounded by bricks and mattresses. Indians like to stay outdoors with their “mother earth” and their surroundings.
Settlers lived in cleared areas where they could build towns. Indians liked living in teepees in the forest. Indians used the land to survive in the wild. Settlers liked to have other people do the job while they go to the store and buy what they need. Indians hunted food, not just purchase it from stores. Indians and settlers hated each other and they had different ways of life. Indians had less clothes than the settlers, indians found that it is better to have less clothes so their not tied down. Indians saw the settlers as people that stole their land and killed them and were their enemies, indians never killed the white people,they treated their prisoners good. they adopt the white prisoners to replace the ones they lost. Settlers killed the indians when they had them as prisoners,they feel as if the indians are savages and don’t know the way of life and they are just horrible people. Settlers are racist and think that just because the indians are different that their horrible and live outside they don’t take baths everyday and keep clean like settlers do and they feel as if they are just a nuisance and want the indians gone and don’t have to fear them.
Indians were nomadic, ride horses, worship buffalo and nature. While the settlers are Christian, farmers and only used what they wanted from the buffalo. Settlers moved west because of the gold discovery, fertile land, the ability to start a business and the chance to own cheap land.Because of the Settlers people’s continuous travels, the Indian population rapidly decreased. What It All Comes Down To: Settlers felt as though they needed to clear the land, which meant forcing Indians from their homes.Settlers carried diseases with them in which the Indians were not immune to, even a little cold could make Indians very sick.some of the settlers carried the bacteria that caused smallpox, although they themselves did not get sick. Smallpox had caused deadly epidemics, but it was unknown to the Indians. Their immune systems had developed no protection against the disease. It killed whole tribes. And smallpox was only one disease brought from Settlers.
Indians welcomed the white settlers, because they believed that it was only right to share the land, not knowing that they would regret this decision. Indians viewed the land to be sacred and had the utmost respect for it.They were proud of their work and viewed their abilities as a sign of strength.They believed in using all of the land to the best of their abilities, that includes using all of the resources possible.Settlers had a governmental monarchy, yet the indians held to a tribal form of government. These structures were ingrained into each society so that the very practice was one of deep cultural practice. Settlers believed in an commitment to the judge. However, the indians devoted themselves to each other and had no central ruler. Nonetheless, they did have many chiefs among the tribal courts that regulates relations among the tribal members.Indian women held upstanding positions among the tribes. The women ruled and controlled certain factions within the tribe, with many making important economic decisions for the entire tribe. On the other hand, Settlers subjected their women to childbirth and house chores only. When settlers saw that indian women were strong willed and spirited, they fought against the tribal nations to suppress the Native cultures into submission.


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