The Data Protection Act 1998 is the legislation that is in place to govern the sharing of information and protect personal data. Confidentiality is not absolute and there will be occasions when there is the need to share sensitive information. The act gives guidelines for the safe and appropriate sharing of information when necessary to avoid safeguarding concerns and a child’s safety is at risk. All employees are taught that if they are provided with information that is of concern by a young person or about a young person then they cannot keep it private if there are safeguarding concerns. If a young person were to come forward with information that was a safeguarding concern then we as workers would have to make it clear that this information will be dealt with as sensitively as possible but it must be shared with the appropriate authorities. When a child’s safety is at risk then we must act upon it. It can create tension between staff and child because the child may have put all his/her trust in the staff member and this could inevitably break any positive relationship they have built. It is a very difficult situation to be confronted with and both staff and child will need support and guidance.


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