The compound eye is an eye comprising of many individual lens systems, called ommatidia. Compound eye is present in many members of phylum Arthropoda such as insects and crustaceans. Compound eye comprise thousands of ommatidia. Ommatidia are small self-regulating photoreception units that consists of a cornea, lens and photoreceptor cells which can discriminate brightness and color. (Marshall etal, 2003.p.459)
Most of the insects have a pair of large prominent compound eyes, composed of units called ommatidia. A single compound eye may have 30,000 ommatidia, such as in large dragonflies.As compared to the single- aperture eye, compound eyes have poor image resolution. The benefit of compound eye is that they possess a very large view angle, have ability to detect fast movements and also detect the polarization of light in some cases


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