The brain functions in ways beyond human understanding. Though the brain has four integral divisions each of them has a vital role to play in reciprocating the various senses and emotions. Neuro marketing is the application of neuro science to study consumer psychology. Its main aim is to strike a balance between the science that studies the functioning of the brain and the rational consumer decision thus paving way to understand the purchase intentions by psychoanalytical methods of measuring brain activity. The last decade established the groundwork for neuro marketing and consumer neuroscience to come forth as a discipline of research study. There has been a paradigm shift from the decision making of industries from the producer perspective to consume perspective. Currently, the focus of neuro marketing is applied in identifying effectiveness of advertising, packaging, price determination, website layout, etc. In due course, neuro marketing will integrate itself with the main stream marketing methods. Though consumer groups tend to worry about the ethical application of neuro marketing, it is expected to answer a significant amount of research questions regarding consumer behaviour and marketing science. Neuro marketing can be studied using various techniques like Magneto encephalography (MEG), Electroencephalography (EEG), and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), eye tracking and other neuro-technologies. Our research is a descriptive approach that explores the various dimensions of neuro marketing and how much of a market can a product capture using this new technique. It also provides various insights if its emergence has proven to be a privacy issue for the consumers in this new industrial era. Role of ethics in neuro marketing with ethological study being its predecessor. Exploring neuro marketing in the context of sustainability. Provide personalised and customised educational services tailored to the need of each student by providing conducive environment for the students to study and there by tapping their emotional quotient to understand their cognition, learning attitude using neuro marketing.


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