The Big data analytics (BDA) have been focused as a new paradigm of innovation that influences all spheres of business operation. The study has looked at technological aspect of big data analytics such as business intelligence, data mining, IoT, SAS high performance analytics (HPA) and cloud computing in smart firms. The paper ascertain the various characteristics of big data; it established the various role of big data and its impacts on business decision making and it also explored the challenges of big data in decision making experience by smart firm. The business intelligence noted to play a significant roles in big data within the firm .These involved increase productivity and quality; creating product and marketing segmentation ;determining current customer profile; predicting future customer profile; establishing product pricing strategies; planning human capital; formulate strategic plans; customer tendency and loyalty prediction. A big data technology facilitates processing and data storage to realize relevant information and improves different services. The paper recommends the firm’s top management to invest on big data analytics and technologies in order to make trendy decision strategies for services and resources growth; for smart firms to achieve its goals and enhance services there must be right tools and techniques for effective and efficient analysis of data. Regardless of its use; the big data is not a solution itself but barely a raw material. Therefore the challenge experience is how to convert the data into insights information and knowledge for managers to use to solve problems and to bring about better performance. The Managers should strike balance in the three measures: processes, people and technology for the firm to develop trust, reliability and achieve their strategic goals, mission and objective. This addressed the challenge arising during knowledge discovery and visualization of big data analytics which include disconnect between database systems and analysis tools. In addition, smart firms have contributed a big role by transforming various aspects of human life in all sectors such as business ventures, education, health, transportation, energy, and so on.


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