The Battle of Chickasaw Bayou was fought December 26-29, 1862. This was the opening engagement of the Vicksburg Campaign during the American Civil War. Lieutenant General John C. Pemberton repulsed an advance by Union Major General William T. Sherman that lead to the capture of Vicksburg, Mississippi. On December 26 three Union Divisions under Sherman landed at Johnson’s Plantation on the Yazoo River to Approach Vicksburg defense from the northeast while the fourth landed farther upstream. On December 27, the Federal moved their lines through the swamps toward walnut Hills, which was strongly defended. On the 28th they made several attempts to make their way around the defense. When the 29th came along Sherman ordered a frontal assault, which was repelled with many casualties, which is when he withdrew. The Confederate win angered Grants attempt to take Vicksburg.


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