The argument on gun control has been a heated debate for years. On one side there are people who believe guns are the problem with murder, and on the other side people believe that people are the problem. The people for gun control believe restricting guns will reduce crime and people against gun control know that gun restrictions won’t keep the people using them for harm from getting them. Instead of reducing crime, gun control laws actually increase crime. There should not be gun control laws in America because, laws don’t apply to criminals, armed civilians help against bad guys, and the Second Amendment goes against any gun control.
If there are gun control laws, the criminals are happier because that means people who follow the laws will be defenseless against them. Criminals already don’t buy firearms lawfully through the black market, gun control laws cannot do anything against criminals buying off the black market. However, citizens who follow the laws of the land would be affected by these laws and would be left defenseless against criminals. There are higher crime rates in states with gun laws than states without gun laws. This is because criminals take advantage of people who can’t fight back. So if anything, laws on gun control only help criminals.


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