The American Dream, a dream that everyone can achieve if they work hard enough. The book, “Of Mice and Men,” written by John Steinbeck, is a novella that strongly demonstrates the idea of the American Dream. In this novella, two migrants travel together through the Salinas Valley in California to find a job and live their dream on a farm. As the two continue their journey through the Salinas Valley, they encounter many new faces who turn out to be obstacles. Readers should pay attention to the characters. How the characters act and go through greatly depicts how life was like back in the Great Depression. Readers could take it into consideration and realize that life was filled with hardships in the 1900s. Furthermore, there is a specific character in this novella named George Milton. His American Dream is to live a farm. He is accompanied by his partner, Lennie Small. Sadly though, George could not achieve his dream because of certain people and events.

George Milton is a very interesting character in the novella, “Of Mice and Men.” He travels with his companion, Lennie Small. Lennie is unable to really take care of himself; he needs George. George is used to all the heavy duty and “carries” Lennie. Lennie is like an anchor to George; he weighs George down. George often gets frustrated at Lennie and shows it. “…God a’mighty, if I was alone I could live so easy…” (Steinbeck 11). Nevertheless, the two migrant workers stuck together, while other people’s dreams were crushed. They were determined to

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