Technology Questions
Explain in detail at least three advantages and three disadvantages of using computers
Computers can be helpful in easing the communication and transfer of information within a business or between a business and its customers. The use of computers has removed the necessity of enterprises having to meet their clients face to face as it enables them exchange information over the internet much easily.
Computers are helpful in the storage of data and information that is pivotal to an individual or a business. Use of computers helps user to have a storage mechanism of documents and files that the user needs. These files and documents when stored in a computer become easily accessible as compared to traditional storage mechanisms like manual filing systems.
Computers use is helpful to students and employees in terms of use in education and research. Computers enable these people to find vital information over the internet that can help in their learning or even while conducting research.
Computers have replaced human labor thus rendering many people jobless. For example, most products are nowadays being sold online, and people buy these goods online. This has made most people to close down their physical stores and migrate to the digital market rendering those that worked in the physical stores jobless.
The privacy of information stored in computers is always at risk. With the increasing cyber-terrorism, it becomes very problematic to assure the security of data and information that is stored in computers.
There are several health repercussions of using computers especially personal computers in that users can suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome due to the repeated shifting from mouse to keyboard and also eye strains due to the time most people take on their computers. The continuous sitting also leads to health complications.
Discuss FTP (File Transfer Protocol), including all relevant terms in your explanation
FTP is a set of rules that computers on a network use to communicate with each other and share data and information over a TCP/IP connection. TCP/IP are the set of rules that govern how computer systems are connected to a network. FTP relies on using two communication channel to perform this action, a data channel for sending and receiving file content and a command channel for the actual conversation. Using FTP, a user can delete, modify, create or download files from the server. Usually, users need passwords and usernames to log into the FTP server but some contents are made available without the need for such authentication and this is anonymous FTP.


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