technology plays an incredible role in every person’s everyday life. it has great impact on humans. as being a part of 21th century, I personally believe that technology has made my life more enjoyable and convenient.
one of the most innovative creation of the technology is the television. it helps to keep my roommates and me sit together and we spend a quality time with each other after dinner. we watch movies, TV series, and news etc. meanwhile we share our feelings and all the things that we did during the day.
on moving ahead, the another most advanced and accurate technology is the internet. it allows people to communicate globally. I personally use internet on a daily basis and find it useful in many ways. few examples would be, internet mailing, instant messaging and online shopping etc. on the other hand, it also helpful for me in my studies and to find something new from the google. with the help of internet, I am also able to make friends overseas.
the last but not least product of technology is the mobile phone. the mobile industry is growing rapidly. it has made my life more easier as I can contact my family anywhere and anytime I want to. I also do chat with my friends for long hours and make phone calls when I like.
in conclusion, these all innovative technologies has tremendous effects on everyone because it has totally change human’s life. it made my life more easy and convenient as it keeps me aware all the things happening around.


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