Taking a summer holiday:
1. Attention:-
Can you imagine how hectic our lives have become? We have our jobs; schools; businesses to run throughout the year. We can’t really evade from our responsibilities. But how, do you think, our mind and body would react with constant bombardment of stress that we experience from our daily lives? Imagine a machinery which constantly runs without a rest: eventually, it’ll wear-off, may be a little too soon than expected. Just like machines, humans cannot strive continuously over long periods – we will diminish!

2. Need:-
Unfortunately in this time and age, there’s an ever-growing trend among employees and leaders to renounce taking breaks in order to deal with the demands of their own workplaces. According to a survey, almost half of the official holidays go unused among employees in North America. Many of us have the idea of forgoing a vacation as the ‘right thing to do’ in order to show solidarity and understanding for growing work pressures. While almost all of us would consider this act of stoicism as admirable, but in reality, such decisions bring more harm to the employees and organizations than benefits. Spending quality time away from the grind of our usual routines will help adults to take time to drink in the little things and ponder bigger questions about their lives. Such vacations are not only OK but absolutely vital and imperative to our well-being. A new setting brings an astonishing range of sensory experience, from scenery to the sound of flavours, the assorted colours of the sky, to maybe, the enchanting music of another language which you are not familiar with. We all need a break from routine work, not just for physical rest, but also for the fact that that we can analyze our overall direction of life, just to make sure that we are not lost or have not lost ourselves!

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3. Satisfy:-
“The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers…” – William Wordsworth
This 19th century quote by Wordsworth still applies exquisitely in our lives. The commonly known metaphor for taking a vacation is like pressing the “Refresh button”. By giving ourselves time to lie fallow from our routine life, will help us identify who we really are and what we want to do or be in life. The beauty of taking a vacation is not the destination but the journey itself: The process of packing bags; locking the doors behind us; and heading beyond the parameters of our usual world. Not to mention, the return home after being away also has immense transformative effect. I’m sure the long-pending answers to major life decisions would be clear, all of a sudden, after return from a vacation – the once obscure path would come into focus, crystal clear!
4. Visualize:-
Avoiding taking breaks are the main cause of modern lifestyle ailments like abdominal weight gain, high blood pressure, joint pains, high blood sugar and insomnia – sole reason being chronic stress. A summer vacation – summers are just two months long – you can work for rest of the 10 months. The only solution to lower chronic stress effectively is to step out – at least for a short period of time – from our modern stressful lifestyles.

5. Action:-
It’s now clear how important vacations are. Therefore, I urge every one of you to give permission to let go of the day-to-day for a set period of time. It’s important to remember that the world will still be spinning if you are off the grid for a short while.
It’s also important to plan these trips ahead. The farther in advance you commit to your vacation, the easier it is to make arrangements and adjustments during your absence at home and work.
Always remember that it’s the act of getting away and disconnecting yourself is the therapeutic factor and not the distance, budget or extravagance of your trip.
The world is much bigger that your school or office. There are 7 continents and 196 countries with approximately 7.4 billion people. Even the biggest introverts deserves and desires a break leading to self-discovery.
So get out and enjoy yourself!


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