Sustainable Building Design Proposal for Proposed Construction of Five Storied Hatton National Bank Building at Colombo 07
According to the principles of sustainable architectural design, there are some things that can be trusted to provide this design. It is very good for the environment and the best place for people to work. At Onel (Pvt) Ltd, more experienced staff handle this design and improve the environment over time.
Green buildings are practices that increase efficiency and reduce the impact of buildings on human health throughout the life of a building.

Why is sustainable building design important?
Because the communities have a large impact on natural environment.
Any kind of the buildings which people live responsible for the consumption of so many natural resources
Benefits of sustainable building design,
• Improve air and water quality
• Enhance good health and comfort
• Improve overall quality of life

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According to sustainable building design principles, following valuable and effective designs can be proposed.

Such as;
1. Green roof
2. Solar and wind power system
3. Small scale wastewater treatment
4. Indoor vertical garden
Green roof designs:
The main argument for supporting green roofs is to moderate the temperature of the building. The net effect is the reduction in energy required for heating or cooling. The main benefit of this type is energy saving work. For example, reducing the energy requirements for air conditioning systems, hydrothermal/cooling systems. It also provides a very healthy environment for humans.
But the initial cost of green roof work is high, but lifelong benefits are here. If the customer can invest in the initial cost of the project, the customer can get a lifetime profit (Green Roofers, 2017).
The proposed HNB Bank Building is the Five Storied Building. In addition, the location is close to Colombo. Therefore, the temperature is high and the energy demand of the air conditioning system is also high. In order to reduce this energy demand, we proposed the green roof method for the above construction projects. There are also indirect benefits to the planet and humans. Because the vegetation used for the green roof releases oxygen to the earth.
Solar and wind power system:
A solar power generation system is a method of generating electricity using solar energy. This free source of fuel from nature has more benefits than non-renewable energy. By using the sun’s sustainable fuel sources to produce energy, you can not only achieve zero carbon emissions, but also compensate for carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and mercury. When fossil fuel sources generate electricity, they are released into the atmosphere, and these fossil fuels eventually enter our waters, the food chain and the air we breathe (Field Kyle, 2018).
It is recommended that the location of the HNB Bank Building be located near Colombo. Therefore, there are more days in the year and the climate in this region is cool. Therefore, solar systems are well suited for the proposed project to obtain electricity for less used items included in the building. Such as lights, hot/cold water systems. This is the lifelong economic benefit of the building.


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