Sushi is a Japanese food consisting of cooked vinegar rice garnished with other ingredients or sea food. Sushi is a modern kind of food. The evolutionary history of preservation method of sushi was evolved so that the fish was still edible after one year and it began to get very popular and spread to other countries also like China and Japan. Japanese evolved a method through which fermentation process was shortened and shelf life of fish called “narezushi” was increased. From east to west, the development of Sushi spread to Americans as well.
The first real Sushi Restaurant was opened in Los Angeles. Sushi was growing in popularity in North America the opening of Sushi bar came into existence. After that it turned into fast food in Berlin, there exist more than 200 Sushi bars the food too gets cheaper with developed mass production. BESTOR, T. C. (2001) Sushi business became very popular and spread across countries. The Japanese shipping industry takes the business to international level and the fishing industry boomed. The global popularity of Sushi was a mark of sushi’s demand in other countries that Japanese had to turn to foreign suppliers. At the Boston International Seafood show a Japanese manufacturer displays its newest model Sushi Robot made with their trademark “Sushi sticks”. Franchising agreements are available and the mechanical sushi makers will add new twist to North American industrialized fast food.
Globalisation doesn’t necessarily homogenise cultural differences but quite on the contrary it grows the franchise. And Japan stands undoubtedly at a growth stage changed the pattern of Sushi in order to bring the simple combination of everyday food to another level – making sushi an art form. As the fishing industry business grows even more lucrative, the risk of overfishing has become even more real. The major reason behind sushi become global is overfishing. The whole fish called Bluefin tuna will be killed off. To increase supply chain in fishing industry there is deterioration of entire marine eco-system. This in turn leads to diminution of fish species by increasing sales. Sushi has become a global fad by driving a new kind of fishing business.


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