Srikar Palani
3rd hour English
March 23, 2018
A Tale of Two Cities Essay
Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities portrays the evil in people. Two characters can be described to show how evil is imagined by the author. Charles Dickens shows how people turn good from originally being evil, but how others stay evil.
Dickens shows that some people let go of their evil ways and that some people do not. For example, Madame Defarge was good in her intentions of the revolution, but becomes evil and stays that way. Dickens feels that Madame Defarge is too bloodthirsty to become good and that bloodthirsty feeling clouded her path to good. He believes that Madame Defarge is unhappy with the world, so she becomes vengeful and that unhappiness led her to be like the nobles. Also, Jerry Cruncher realizes the evil in his ways and says, “… never no more will I interfere with Mrs. Cruncher’s flopping, never no more!” (283). The author sees that Jerry is idealistic in becoming good and that his hopeful ways will help him. He understands Jerry’s positive attitude helped him become good and that optimism is why he changed in the first place. These are some ways Dickens shows people can change or stay the same.
In this story, the author wanted us to realize that evil does exist in the world because Charles Dickens uses Madame Defarge and Jerry Cruncher to show the difference in evil. In the final analysis, A Tale of Two Cities displays that human nature is distinguished by evil and good.


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