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The Island by Athol Fugard: Symbol of sand
Athol Fugard as a writer observed the Robben Island very closely before he write the play called ‘The Island’. Most of his plays are about the struggle with social environment. In the play, Athol Fugard used sand to symbolize the land, labour and the law during apartheid. Most of the political prisoners there were black people, so judicial killings were common and punishment to them aiming break their spirit, but that did not work because to some it made them stronger. They were instructed to shift sand from one heap to another or pulling a road roller round and round for the whole day as a punishment.
The apartheid system was not fair because people were separated according to their race. The apartheid system categorized people into four racial groups, namely white, black, Indian and coloured. Every services were separated for white and black. Athol Fugard view white sand at the beach as a restriction to black people because they were not allowed at the beach.

Athol Fugard also used the sand to symbolize that the land was in the hands of few which is white minority. Blacks had no freedom of movement as they lived in reservation meant exclusively for them.

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Rahul, B. 26 January 2014. Academic De-Stressor. Analysis of ‘The Island. (Consulted 03 May 2018)


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