Some operating systems are touted as being open source. Why might an open source operating system be preferable to a closed source one, discuss two points?
In a open source operating system model , there is a higher probability that more bugs are uncovered and fixed in comparison to closed sources. The reason being, millions of people are examining the source code(available along with the software) communities are quick to carry out a fix. This insure that open source operating system are more secure in general.
#MLA Singh, A., Bansal, R. K., & Jha, N. (2015). Open source software vs proprietary software. International Journal of Computer Applications, 114(18). {}

Open source operating systems are often used to become better at programming. Because the source code can be looked up by any individual. A programmer might study the source code to enhance their skills , discovers bugs and enrich the community. Also, they can examine the code and change the code and have more control over it than vendor locked in closed source.
“What Is Open Source?”. Opensource.Com, 2018, Accessed 23 Mar 2018.

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a) Investigate how open source operating systems are developed. Pick an operating system and describe its development model: describe how new features are developed and how they make their way into a new release of the operating system.
How are new features developed?
For each release cycle, features to be aimed are formulated using specifications. Specifications are the process to make clear what the feature aim to improve for the review team
For instance, If a boot maintainer want to improve the boot time he/she creates an entry of the specification on how to achieve such a feat.
These features are sourced from either the strategic priorities , pitched by developers or taken from Ideapool(where people contribute new ideas they deem necessary).

How do new features make their way into a release?
The suggested features are discussed at DeveloperSummit at the onset of release cycle , then the TechnicalBoard review new features and plan for the release. First phase include merging of features with the upstream.
During the development cycle, CD images are created and tested with different hardware .This phase also have Milestones which include several alpha ones for stabilizing and debugging. Another Beta milestone(free of prominent bugs) is released 3-4 weeks before final version.
Released versions with new features is stable and safe for the end-user.


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