Social media lets us engage with others and share different types of data and be up-to-date on the latest news and the latest trends. However, even though this is the most common way of communication for a majority of people recent studies have shown that the overuse of social media has changed the way we communicate on a daily basis and even the way we interact face to face.
The social media networks we have today such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat have now grown billions of users. Even in today’s society it essential or mostly expected that we use one of them or even all of these social media networks as a communication source.
The growing use social networking sites has had somewhat of a positive and negative effect on communication in today’s relationships. The main purpose of this essay is to answer if social networking sites are making are relationships corrupt or actually helping them to progress.

The further networking sites start to advance there are some aspects of communication that can begin to downfall. For instance, the social penetration theory, that describes a person as an onion with multiple layers of different information that has been compressed. The exterior layer contains the sort of information that we would obtain when we first get aquatinted with that person, for example, their name, age, preferences and where they are from.
As the relationship between people begin to progress people may talk about more personal things such as family circumstances, political opinions and religion. However, because of social networking sites, the purpose of progressing through these onion layers become unreal in today’s society.
When a person uses a site such as Facebook and you are Facebook friends with that person it is easier to know a lot about them such as what activities they like to do, if they like to travel a lot, who they dated, what they did last night and when their birthday is. This is because people have the idea of social acceptance because once you have accepted that friend request your life generally becomes public rather than private to the real friends you have.

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The research that has been done shows that the real-life aspects of social penetration theory have changed a lot because the public find it hard to keep information private than public, which means that peoples relationships can either grow or decrease faster. In relationships there is an aspect that lets people know the real you but as social networks have bios this lets people know a bit about the person and not really knowing if this is the representation of that person until you meet them face-to-face. As individuals we are the ones that are most likely paint the picture that we want based on the information we have been given and even though the activity that we post on social media sometimes shows a different side to others.
Most of the time people tend to put the greatest parts of their lives on their social networks and portray the life they always imagined. However, this can be damaging to relationships as people are not showing who they really are and being honest. This is why when considering new relationships that person personality should be uncovered in the same way as layers. This is why the growth of a great relationship requires effort from both people and this is not possible by going through a person’s Facebook or Instagram page to get to a deeper connection and that’s why we need face-to-face interaction to broaden that connection, which therefore decreases the impact that social networking sites have on our relationships.

Furthermore, from the research gathered it shows that we use our phones every day for two hours or even more on social networking sites, this was explained by a communication expert Leslie Shore. Which she has advised that


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