So when you think of a typical married family what comes to mind? A while ago people would have though a mom a dad and maybe a brother or sister. Some people still do have a complete family but in today’s society there’s been a huge increase in single-parent household. Many children are living in single-parent household with only one parent for support love and guidance. Those children often get disadvantaged in several ways.
For the most part children and these families have single parents because they are either going through a divorce a parent choose not to stick around or parents has passed away.
For the point that I want to highlight here is a single parent would Incapable to show emotion of love towards their children, like how they going to show the love if it is only a person either a mom or dad who stand alone. Like the children will always learn everything from their parents and that is how the kids learn to love and be love. Seriously it is going to be hard to a single parent to spread the love among he or her family if both are separate. A single parent for sure doesn’t have a spouse to show and give love.
Single parent have to take two roll as a father and mother and are under more stress trying to support the family while at the same time being there for kids.
Let’s move to the second point of mine and that is maintaining discipline. A single parent can be quite challenging to reinforce as many rules due to a lack of support from other partner. A single parent has to take care of the kids alone and it is such a burdensome to handle alone. Furthermore, it is inflexible for single parent to spend time together with the kids and also need to think a lot of things a work place to survive the whole family. The children may begin to misbehave at school because there are no people to comfort and advise them to make something that give benefits.
Responsible as single parent give negative effect
Last but not least is about gender characteristic in family’s role .Usually men as a father able to do many things around at home like repairing ,bring weigh things, and also work for the kids. While for a mother is more likely done everyday household at home. A woman also tends to children when they need things such as serve some food, a breastfeeding for a baby and so on.

You can succeed if you are trying to living in the family with only one parent as a breadwinner and supporter with children having so much responsibilities and emotions is a struggle. But people can overcome this if you are one of this people don’t keep everything in. Talk to somebody that you trust or talk to your parent. Try and do well in school .If you’re a parent even if its five minutes spend that time with your kids, stay positive it can make such a different in your life the smallest things can make the biggest reaction you just have to take that one step thank you.

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