Sleep disturbances: if a person is sleeping more than usual or less than usual, if they can’t fall asleep or wake up after only a few hours and cant go back to sleep.
• Dramatic weight fluctuations / changes in eating problems: If an individual has gained or lost a significant amount of weight without any changes to their diet or exercise. They might be repulsed by the thought of eating – also a sign of distress.
• Lack of appetite can also be a sign that individuals are distressed.
• Unexplained physical symptoms
• Difficulty managing anger or controlling temper.
• Compulsive/ obsessive behaviours.
• Chronic, tiredness and lack of energy
• Shunning social activity
• Lack of interest in sex
• Memory problems
• Mood swings and erratic behaviour
• Decline in academic performance
• Excessive alcohol or drug use
• Excessive tension of worry
• Lack of motivation
• Lethargic mood
• Self injury


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