Safety is an important issue to consider for road users. Road safety looks at ways and measures taken to protect road users such as drivers, cyclists, and even pedestrians from getting injured or at worse killed. Road safety is even more considered when one comes to regions such as residential neighborhood, school, in a crowded street among others. This paper looks more closely into the concept of school zones.
School zones are areas on a street that are close to a school or are near crossroads, which usually lead to schools like elementary school and high schools. These have several limitations placed on drivers passing in these areas all in an attempt to secure the lives of the little children some of whom are oblivious of the dangers on the roads and thus making it the duty of the adults and drivers to protect them. These safety measures are usually highly considered at certain times of the days when there are a high number of children moving around the schools.
In Arizona, there are certain times of the year and the day when these school zones are in effect. These are the times when the students are in session/ the school terms are still ongoing. These schools zones are usually in effect during the hours between 8 am to 9:30 am in the morning hours and 2:30 pm and 4 pm during the school days.
When approaching these school zones, drivers are required to slow down to the limited speed that has been dictated by the sigh put up on the road. This speed in most school in Arizona is 15mph. This therefore, means that whenever a vehicle is passing in that zone at a time they are effective, it must not be driven at a speed higher than 15mps, whether the children are within the vicinity or not. Another restriction to be considered when driving past this region is the no passing/ overtaking rule. This is usually prohibited in this region as it will require a vehicle to move beyond the speed limit. It is also worth noting that the speed limit of 15mph school zones is usually not used at crosswalks controlled by the sigh ‘STOP’.


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