Safeguarding means to protect people’s health, well being and human rights. To enable people to live and work free from abuse, harm and neglect. Making sure service users are supported to get good access to health care and stay well.
Safeguarding adults includes:
• Protecting their rights to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect.
• People and organisations working together to prevent the risk of abuse or neglect, and to stop
• Them from happening.
• Making sure people’s wellbeing is promoted, taking their views, wishes, feelings and beliefs into account.

How will you provide evidence of this?
• Using information we receive (particularly when concerns are raised about abuse, harm or neglect) to look at the risks to people who use care services.
• Referring concerns to local councils and/or the police for further investigation.
• Carrying out inspections, where we talk to people who use services to help us identify safeguarding concerns.
• Taking action if we find that care services don’t have suitable arrangements to keep people safe.
• Working with partners such as the police, local councils, health agencies, other regulators and government departments.

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