It has a well laid-out floor design which helps in guiding the customer through the store. Products placed in the window are changed daily. They immediately place any new products in this display. 50% of the customers are pre-planned shoppers but many of them change their decision if they see better designs in the new arrivals. Effective floor space management helps in creating a feeling of comfort in the mind of customers. The products which are slow moving are brought in front so that these products also get exposed to the customers and can be sold.
While designing the store layout / circulation plan, the designer keeps two things in mind: the space should be enough for the customers to walk easily and that the selling space does not get affected. The store layout is a combination of free flow and race track. Once inside the outlet, the customer needs to be guided silently to where they want to go and also expose them to the entire offering of the outlet.
Since the inventory at the outlet is checked daily, there is no such need for using parameters to judge space performance. They check daily the shelves from which the merchandise take-off is most frequent, which products are being sold most, which are slow moving goods and how many products are being sold per day. By looking at the records of the merchandise daily, the owners come to know that what actions need to be taken regarding any problem.
The hot spots in the outlet are men’s sandals, casual and dress shoes. When they find that some products are slow moving, then they either give discounts on these products or give incentives to the salespeople such as commissions and/or other benefits.


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