Research Plan
Soil Neutralizer is a product that lowers the soil pH levels through a chemical ion exchange. Studies have shown that increased calcium strengthens plant stems and decreases susceptibility to several plant diseases as a result of a lower pH soil environment (Ward Chemical).Philippine’s economic status nowadays depends mainly on the production of crops.As we all know,our country has alp the advantage when it comes t technology and especially in businesses.Likely in producing products that’s essential to us Filipinos.From this statement,we could conclude the production of materials by factories.Chemicals and other harmful and toxic liquids beingused by these factories would greatly affect the soil.Vehicles and other chemical-producing machines penetrate into soil and also make the soil acidic.One of the reasons of low crop production by farmers is because of high acidity of soil.According to Philippine Agriculture,the crop production decreases by 3.13% in year 2013 to 1.53% in January to March of 2014 chart.To meet the needs of farmers also to some gardeners not just in our nation,but also worldwide.


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