Reading actual books that you can actually touch is better than reading books online. Online reading does have good things about it but it also has bad things about it.
Online reading is a good thing but when someone reads on a computer or a phone it has a negative side about it. When someone is reading a book online they are usually always looking at a phone or a computer. Looking at one of these devices can damage your sight. This can cause damage to your sight because you are looking for a screen for a long period of time. This is not the greatest thing because you could start to see worse and would have to get glasses or contacts to be able to see if the damage to your sight was majorly damaged. This shows that looking at a phone or computer screen is not the bestest thing to do.
Another issue with reading online books it that it could not always be available to someone when they need it. Since online books are read on a device that usually requires wifi or data it may not always be available to someone when it is needed. This could be a problem because if someone needed to read a book and they did not have one that they can actually touch they would not be able to asses the book that they are reading on the internet.
Reading a book that you can actually touch is a better idea because you can always have one. There is never a moment when you can’t have a book with you. This is true because there are public libraries that people can go to anytime to get a book and be able to read it at anytime. Most people that read go to school and at schools there is also libraries that student can get books from which would be a good option because you could get and read a book at any time.
Books that someone can actually touch are being forgotten because there is so much more technology that people can use for basically anything, one of those things being reading books on the internet. Reading books that you can actually touch helps people visualise things more because if it was done on a computer or on a phone they could be distracted by anything. While reading a book that you can touch you cant actually get distracted because people usually don’t read a book that you can touch while being on a phone or computer and if they don’t do that they would be able to understand the book more and visualise what is happening in the book.
Therefore, reading online books is a bad idea because there is so many things that could distract you or even stop you from reading online while reading a book you can actually touch you can understand that book more.


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