• What does the church bell-chiming mean?
• What is Matilda’s father’s name?
• Does Nathaniel have parents?
• Who are the Ludingtons?
• Does the yellow fever plague the whole of USA?
• What is this balloon a symbol of for Mattie?

– I compare this book to Number the stars, A night to remember or Wonder.
– Yellow Fever is just like the disease Jaundice
– When Matilda is bitten by a mosquito this foreshadows her yellow fever later.
– This book is written from Matilda’s perspective.
– I predict that this book will foreshadow the Fever in 1793. I assume there will be a girl at the age of 12, experiencing this fever. The book might portray the ups and downs of the girl’s life in this prolonged period of time. Maybe one of her family members doesn’t survive throughout the whole book.

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Themes that are portrayed in the book
• Sadness
• Family
• Perseverance
• Responsibility
• Confidence
• Determination
• Bravery

Character List
? Matilda Cook- Brave, protagonist, 14 years old at the end nurses the twins back to health and works with Eliza for sometime.
? Nathaniel-painter’s assistant, broad in the chest nice chestnut colored hair sometimes a scoundrel.
? Captain William Farnsworth Cook- Mattie’s grandfather, handsome and brave, worked in war against British, dies of old age.
? Polly- serving girl dies because of fever, likes Matthew the blacksmith.
? Eliza- the family’s cook has a brother no husband is a free African American
? Lucille Cook- Mother of Matilda catches yellow fever and no husband, turns sour.
? Joseph – brother of Eliza, no wife, has twin sons.
? Nell-mother dies because of fever and Matilda took responsibility over her.
? Matilda’s Father- Falls off a ladder while building the Cook’s Coffeehouse.
? Mrs. Bowles- older than mother and leads the orphanage group.
? Mr. Brown- owns a printer shop knows Grandfather.
? Mr. Carris- owns an export business knows grandfather pretty well.
? Dr. Deveze- the doctor who treated Matilda when she had yellow fever, French Officer.
? Mrs. Flagg-the nurse who cares for Matilda at Bush Hill, very jolly.
? Mrs. Elper and Mr. Elper- they are German farmers who sell their eggs and chicken, Mr. Elper doesn’t speak.
? Mr. Jefferson-the men like to argue about him.
? Dr. Kerr- the doctor, who treated mother, thought bleeding was best medicine for yellow fever.
? The Ludington Family-lives in the countryside, they have pigs and dogs that bite.
? The Ogilvie family-Very wealthy, they exalt themselves and are snobby.
? Mr. Peale- has a unique way of doing things, painter, and good humor.
? Robert and William-twins caught yellow fever, raucous and chubby.
? Mr. Rowley- not a qualified physician but prescribes medicines.
? Matthew-works as a blacksmith only appears in 2 chapters.
? Mother Smith-An old small lady who cares for the twins while Eliza is away.

Rising Action
• Matilda’s mother is diagnosed with yellow fever
• Mattie and her mother were invited to the Ogilvie’s house for tea.
• People are dying constantly because of the fever.
• Matilda and Captain Cook are then thrown to the side of the road to fend for themselves.
• Mattie is then stricken with Yellow Fever.
• Matilda meets a child that has lost her mom and decides to care for her.
• Mattie meets Eliza when she is wondering in the streets.
• Robert and William are struck with Yellow Fever.
• Grandfather dies in between the battle of robbers.
• House is robbed at night.

1. Matilda Cook is awakened early in the morning because of the work to be done in the coffee shop downstairs. Her mother’s nagging is droned with the infuriating sound of a mosquito right near her forehead. Matilda vows to herself that when Polly arrives she will run to her favorite place. Finally, she reaches downstairs before her mother flips her lid.
2. Matilda’s family owns their own coffeehouse. Her father created this business. He passed away while building the company accommodation. Matilda’s family consists of Matilda, Mother, Grandfather, and Eliza who works as the family’s cook. Matilda’s mother starts to lecture her about her perfect childhood. We are introduced to the spacious kitchen. We are taken through Matilda’s normal morning routine. Until mother returns with the forlorn news.
3. We start off with Matilda’s reactions about Polly’s death. Mattie tries to remember the last time they frolicked together. Mattie is remembering all the memories of her and Polly together. She is devastated by her friend’s astonishing death. Mother forbids Matilda to visit their house. Mother fears that her daughter might catch the fever.
4. The wistful afternoon has come, the coffee shop, is cacophonous. Talk of fever is spreading through the crowd. Various doctors are still testing theories. Grandfather is teasing Matilda about finding a husband. The talk turns into politics and discussion of the fever has ended. The late hours had flown by and it’s time to rest.
5. Various days have passed Mattie is washing the dishes in the kitchen. Fever talk is back on track, spreading through the city. Lucille wants to take Matilda to the countryside, but she refuses surly. Later the day Mattie is sent to the market for daily errands. While shopping, she founds out that, plenty of people are dying each day. After, finishing her job she meets Nathaniel Benson. The two have a nice chat together. Nathaniel works as s painter’s assistance. Nathaniel is Mr. Peale’s assistant.
6. The family was completing the daily chores. Matilda was doing the laundry. Silas the cat knocked the bucket over. He was only trying to catch his scrumptious breakfast. Grumbling to herself Matilda reluctantly rewashes the clothes. At noon the messenger paid a visit with an invitation from Pernilla Ogilvie. Mother and Mattie did something with their hair and gowns. Finally, they reached the Ogilvie’s mansion
7. When they entered the Ogilvie’s home, Pernilla greeted them with her 2 daughters. The outing was particularly unpleasant. Matilda was very uncomfortable and wriggled in her seat. Mother was talking about irrelevant subjects, and very distracted. Collette and Jeannine were very vulgar. They were insulting the coffee shop. Unexpectedly, she looks ill and turns pale. She spills tea on her lovely gown and starts to pant endlessly. Suddenly, she collapses at a high temperature.
8. August rolling into September. The amounts of dead people are rising by the minute. Many wealthy families are fleeing the country. Business is running pretty slow in the shop. Mattie and grandfather stop by the printer’s shop. They find out some important information about avoiding, the fever. Outside the coffeehouse, they see a coiled up body in a wagon.
9. Mother is safely carried into the house and laid in bed. While Lucille has a tranquil rest, Mattie grandfather and Eliza get along with daily production. Later, the doctor arrives and declares that Mother doesn’t have yellow fever. He suggested hygienic and cool surroundings would certainly help. Lucille is very ill and delirious; Matilda spends the rest of the time at her side. Mother doesn’t want Mattie to catch the fever so she hollers at her to leave her.
10. Eliza and grandfather had already brought a better-educated doctor. When Matilda woke up Dr. Kerr had already arrived. The doctor reveals that Mrs. Cook has yellow fever. The only cure is to be bled. Dr. Kerr takes a basin and draws 20 ounces of blood from Mrs. Cook’s body. After Lucille regains her conscious she advises everyone to get Matilda out of the room. The doctor explains that every fever patient will be shunned in all the cities. Matilda and grandfather climbed into the coach and took off to the countryside.
11. They are miles out of Philadelphia city, riding in the wagon with the farmer’s family. Grandfather comes down with a cough, which makes him out of breath. To assure Matilda he talks about the war, which comforts her and makes her sleep. Mattie wakes up when the wagon unpredictably stops. People are checking for fever patients. Grandfather fails the test because of his cough; they are thrown out of the wagon without their belongings. They have to walk back to Philadelphia…
12. They set off for the journey back to Philadelphia. Grandfather becomes ill and needs some rest. They sit under a tree’s shade and Grandfather soon fell asleep. Mattie grows in search of food and water. Matilda finds some nearby willow trees, which was located near a stream. She bathes, drinks and fills some in Grandfather’s canteen. She finds raspberries and picks them for supper. Grandfather Cook only had a cold nothing serious. They spent the night beneath the tree.
13. Grandfather is extremely ill; Matilda is in charge of making decisions. King George the bird is still with them making fun of Matilda. Matilda fetches firewood so grandfather won’t get cold. Matilda finds more food and water. She approaches houses but they fear she might be contagious and left her alone. When she searches for a while she becomes dizzy and collapses on the spot.
14. She wakes up in a sick bed in Bush hill hospital. Her consciousness constantly came and left her. At last, she knew that her grandfather had transported her all the way to the hospital. She is under the care of Mrs. Flagg the nurse. She quickly learned that the place has been refurbished and became a fever treating hospital. Matilda knows that her mother is nowhere to be found and that the coffeehouse is closed down. Grandfather comes to Matilda and tells her all that happened. Matilda wearily starts to drift off to sleep.
15. While Matilda is gaining strength she hears multiple stories about yellow fever. Patients are dying frequently. Matilda often thinks about what will happen when she has recovered from the fever. Grandfather visits many times a day. Mattie is discharged from the hospital. The manager says that Matilda is better of in the orphanage. Mattie persuades the clerk to leave her with Grandfather. They return in a wagon to the Cooks Coffeehouse.
16. The wagon has finally arrived at their coffee house. They find the store robbed and wrecked. Although, the downstairs was looted the upstairs was safe and sound. Matilda finds out that the strongbox was still there with a fair bit of money inside. Grandfather and Mattie are in complete misery. Matilda instead of crying starts to scavenge for food and cleans the coffee shop. She manages to water the plants that are not insect invested. Matilda gathers together a meal. Grandfather is asleep when Matilda prepares supper. Matilda says thanks to God and drifts to sleep.

Character List
– Nicholas Flamel-An alchemyst, guardian of the Codex and founder of the philosopher’s stone, Born in France.
– Sophie Newman-15 years old, Silver aura, awakened powers, works in the coffee shop.
– Perenelle Flamel- Immortal, Nick’s wife, older than Nicholas, pale ice white aura.
– Scathach-also known as a Warrior Maid, Red hair, green eyes, from the clan of vampires, grey aura.
– Josh Newman-twin brother of Sophie Newman, Orange aura, scared of snakes and spiders, works in Nick’s bookshop.
– Dr. John Dee-Powerful, dangerous, yellow aura, serves the dark Elders, Born in 1527.
– The Witch of Endor- Scathach’s grandmother and teaches Sophie air magic. Short and round, her hair was permed and she wore gray clothing. She held a white cane and wore dark black glasses.
– The Morrigan-The crow goddess, Niece of Bastet, A dark elder
– Hekate- 3 faced goddess, Awakened Sophie’s powers and is destroyed. A first generation elder.
– Bastet- Cat Goddess, Aunt of the Morrigan. Feline features, Claws, face, etc.
– Abraham the Mage- The Codex, The secret to eternal life, book bound in a copper colored metal.
– Aunt Agnes- She takes care of the twins in San Francisco.
– Sarah and Richard Newman-Parents of the twins, they are archaeologists.
– Torc Allta- From the Were clan, men turned into boars, created by Hekate.
– Elle-Only appears in the first chapter, fashion conscious friend of Sophie’s.
– Jefferson Miller- the security guard ghost who delivers messages from Perenelle to Nicholas.
– Senuhet- a small slender man, bald olive colored skin, vertical white lines on the chin and 2 horizontal lines from the eyes to ears.
– Sphinx- A gigantic lion with wings like a bald eagle and a women’s head, daughter of Echidna
– Pterosaurs- a snake crossed with a bird. The skull is elongated, eyes enormous and a moth full of hundreds of tiny teeth.
– Golems- Men out of Clay, melt in the sun created by Dee.
– Bernice-Owns the coffee shop where Sophie works.

– Why is Alchemyst spelled wrong throughout the book?
– Did Abraham The Mage really exist?
– Was Nicholas Flamel actually real?
– Where is Elle from?
– Does Nicholas ever die?
– Is Dee immortal?

Sophie and Josh have a whole world of magic in front of them but they don’t have a clue.
For example, the owner of a bookshop is a perpetual alchemyst.
I compare this book to the Harry Potter series
I predict from the front cover that in this book there is an Alchemist who’s name is Nicholas Flamel. Mr. Flamel must be the main character of this story. In the book, he must be divulging all his secrets of Alchemy that he has encountered.
This book is written in the 3rd person
The reason it is the 3rd person is that it uses words like he, she, and they.

Rising Action
Nicolas, twins, and Scathach go to Ojai Valley to see Dora the Witch of Endor.
Dr. John Dee raises the dead to fight against them.
Nicolas Flamel and Dr. John Dee have a magic battle in the middle of a bookstore.
Perenelle Flamel is taken prisoner by Dee and he put a resisting spell to disable her magic use.
Sophie, Josh, Scathach, and Nicholas travel to the Yggdrasill tree to have Sophie and Josh’s powers awakened by Hekate.
Dr. John Dee, Morrigan, and Bastet wage a war on Hekate and her army of Torc Allta.

Themes that are portrayed in the book
• Fantasy
• Trust
• Love
• Family
• Fear
• Victory
• Battle
• Youth
• Destiny

1. On the first of May, we are introduced to Sophie Newman. The only detail we know is that she is talking to her friend, Elle over the phone. Sophie is currently in the coffee shop in San Francisco where she works. She sees 2 men coming out of a car wearing coats. She asks Elle “why anyone will where overcoats in the middle of summer?” She suspects something is wrong. After another man comes out from the car. Their eyes meet and the fellow’s eyes are glowing! Immediately we change settings and are found in the bookshop where Sophie’s twin brother works. Here he smells a combination of peppermint and rotten eggs. He pokes his head out of the cellar. Keep reading to find out more.
2. Josh is watching the action intently. 4 men are staring down the bookshop owner, Nick Fleming. Although Nick and the small grey man are not speaking, Josh understands that there something in between them. Both men’s fingers are moving. Green fog is growing in Fleming’s hand. Sulpher smelling mist gathers in the grey man’s hands. The smoke abruptly explodes. The force pushes the 2 men in coats back; Josh is able to see their grey skin and eyes. The small grey man tells Nick that he has been searching for him. He wants something to be returned to him.
3. At the Coffee Shop Sophie questions the revolting smell. She has been working there for the whole summer. Josh has been working at the bookshop across the street. They are officially fifteen and have begun to save money for a car. The Man in the overcoat starts to melt when he is thrown outside. Perry, nick’s wife mentions it as a Golem. Sophie watches the man melt away. Perry and Sophie run to the coffee shop immediately. The bookshop looks like a disaster. The small gray man calls Perry, Perenelle. She responds to the man as Dee. Dee tells her that he has come for the book.
4. Sophie and Josh question Nick about all the commotion. So Nick tells them everything and explains to them that the small grey man is Dr. John Dee one of the most powerful and dangerous people in the world. Josh shows Nick the pages he ripped out of the book that Dee took. Nick also states that Dee is an Alchemyst, Magician, Sorcerer and necromancer. Fleming also reveals that he is not Nick Fleming. He exposes that his real name is Nicholas Flamel. Flamel explains that Perenelle will age and die and the Elder Race will take over the earth.
5. Sophie closes the shop and leaves a not for the owner who’s name is Bernice. The twins’ parents are archeologist who, currently are teaching at the university of San Francisco. When their parents are out they have been staying with their Aunt Agnes. Back to the setting, they are walking down the street and Sophie touches Flamel faintly a static charge shocks her. He explains a little more about himself. Nick is an Alchemyst and the charge cam from his aura. Living organisms have an electric field that surrounds them this is an Aura. Flamel clarifies that Dee is much stronger than he is. Dr. John Dee used to be a pupil of Flamel when he had mastered great skills he was greedy for the Codex and ever since, Dee has searched for Flamel everywhere
6. Setting changes and we are transported all the way to Dr. John Dee’s car and his captured prisoner Perenelle. Dee uses a spell to disable her magic and a warding spell. Dee talks to a mysterious person on the other end of the line Perry can here cackling. Dee states that he has the Codex. Suddenly he realizes that some pages are missing.
7. Back to Nick Flamel and the twins. Sophie spots a rat following them with every move. These rats are watching for a reason, they are spies sent by Dee. They keep walking and find themselves in a narrow alleyway. Flamel tells them to Wait, look and Notice everywhere you go. Later in the chapter we find a new character. Here name is Scathach and she is from the elder race.
8. In the meantime, Dr. John Dee is getting irritated because of the complications in his plan. He is eager to get the final summoning back as soon as possible. He utters the scrying spell again. The twins aren’t going home soon so they make an excuse and call their parents. Dee is still spying on Nicholas and the team, using a rat. He sees the twins and plans to take their life. Dee calls all the rats he can find and made them invade Scatach’s sanctuary.
9. The Golems and rats had started to attack. Mud had been spattered everywhere. The home looks like a total wreck. Dee stopped concentrating on the rats and let them free. He put all control on the surviving Golem. Golems have no brains and are come to live with a single spell pressed in their mouths. They have been around for thousands of years. Flamel was taking care of the rats as Scatty was taking care of the Golem. Nick spoke to the rats and said Dr. John Dee you have made a huge mistake. This concludes the chapter.
10. Josh is driving the gang in a SUV towards the Golden Gate Bridge. He is surprised that Nick and Scathach don’t know how to drive. Nick and Scatty have excelled in certain skills different to Sophie’s and Josh’s. Some stories classify Scathach as a god, which is correct because they exist before the humani. Science leaves a topic if it cannot be explained states Nick. As they continue the conversation heaps of birds meet on the bridge. Flamel and Scathach come at the same conclusion, Morrigan sent them.
11. Dee has still held Perenelle hostage in the black limo. The Golems have started to spatter mud everywhere and part of the warding spell has been erased. She plans her escape carefully; we are shortly taken to Perry’s past. Nick has been married to Perry for at least 600 years. Perenelle was more intrigued by magic and sorcery than her husband. Nick was actually more interested in Alchemy and Science. Finally we have some background information about the Morrigan. She was known as the Crow Goddess. It concludes right there…
12. They have nearly made it through, when suddenly an enormous crow lands on the front glass and starts to boar holes with its beak. Scatty is trying to defend herself with the set of nunchaku weapons. Scatach uses the windshield wiper to scare the birds away. Nick says that these crows aren’t ordinary and that they are Dire Crows. Suddenly a gust of wind blows and all the crows fly away desperately and rapidly.
13. Flamel instructs to turn the car into the thickets of the forest. The twins hold each other’s hand for comfort. Whatever happens they will have each other. Sophie is surprised to see boars along the road. Scatty and Nick say they are Torc Allta, Wereboars. We readers find out that Scatty extremely dislikes this person. She is Hekate the goddess with 3 faces. The journey stops right here…
14. Flamel and Hekate have a lovely conversation about the Torc Allta. The conversation starts about the reign of the Torc Allta when the human race dies out. It closes by Flamel’s thanks to Hekate for the wind. Nick briefly explains everything that has happened and shows Hekate the 2 missing pages. She explicates that the she can’t be near the Codex. The next generation can except they can’t touch it. The human race can touch it and see it, Abraham made sure his descendents could handle with it. Hekate takes a look at the twins’ auras. Josh tastes oranges and Sophie tastes vanilla ice cream. They find valuable information about their aura. Keep Reading…
15. We are in Hekate’s home with Sophie and Josh. They realize that they signal can’t be found anywhere. Flamel tells them that Hekate’s home is called Yggdrasill the world of tree. The tree takes all the energy it can find adds Scatty. Scatty claims that she is a vampire but she doesn’t drink blood. She hates referring to the term but there is no other way to explain it. Scatty divulges a bit more about herself and the surroundings.

Rising Action Evidence
• Nicholas, twins, and Scathach go to Ojai Valley to see Dora the Witch of Endor.
• Page 284, Chapter 30. “Perenelle told me to take the children to the witch,” Flamel said patiently,” And the witch is in Ojai
• Dr. John Dee raises the dead to fight against them.
• Nicolas Flamel and Dr. John Dee have a magic battle in the middle of a bookstore.
• Perenelle Flamel is taken prisoner by Dee and he put a resisting spell to disable her magic use.
• Sophie, Josh, Scathach, and Nicholas travel to the Yggdrasill tree to have Sophie and Josh’s powers awakened by Hekate.
• Dr. John Dee, Morrigan, and Bastet wage a war on Hekate and her army of Torc Allta.


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