Projects are generally chartered and authorised externally.

They can be authorised by an enterprise, a government agency, a company, a program organisation or a portfolio or organisation eternal to one managing the project.

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Triggers for project charter can be one of or a combination of following:

-Industry demand (eg a locomotive company authorising a project to build engines that can run on ethanol fuel
in response to Sugar Industry producing Ethanol as a bi-product of sugarcane processing).

-Business need (eg a training company authorising a project to create a new online course to
increase its revenues).

-Customer request (eg en electric utility authorising a solar farm project).

-Technological advance (eg an electronics firm authorising a new project to develop a
faster, cheaper and smaller smartphone, after improvements in IT).

-Legal requirement (Mining company authorising a project to establish
guidelines for handling toxic materials and waste disposal).

-Social needs (eg a non-governmental organisation authorising a new social network project)


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