Process paragraph:
“How to lose weight”
Losing weight requires a lot of work, and here are some ways how to lose weight. First step start your day drinking one liter of water and add lemon juice. This will kick your metabolism without putting too much pressure on your early morning digestive system. Alternatively drink the same amount of green tea which helps detoxify your body. Second step start eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, and try to avoid junk foods. You may prepare a juice with cucumber as a base which hydrates your body. Add one apple and you got yourself a nice, healthy breakfast. You can drink as many green juices per day. Next step is you decide to be more physically active. To be physical active means that you can do some exercises like jogging, playing your favorite sport, walking, dancing swimming even household chores is good for you find an activity you can enjoy 30 minutes a day so you will stick with it. Finally you should be happy for yourself. To be happy is being thankful of who and what you are. Losing weight can be tough thing to do and these steps will help you to achieve and reach your goal.


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