Place in society/Background
He was the absolute ruler/ monarch of a France.
His original name was Louis Auguste De France.
His birthplace was the Palace of Versailles on August 23 1754.
He became the king of France in 1765 after the death of his father.
Although he grew up strong and healthy, he was very shy.
He was tutored French noblemen and studied many different subjects such as religion, morality and humanities.
He was very good at Latin, History, Geography, Astronomy and was fluent in Italian and English.
He enjoyed physical activities such as hunting and wrestling.
He also enjoyed locksmithing, and this was also his hobby.
No one paid much attention to him as a child because he was the third youngest son of his parents and the throne was to be inherited by his eldest brother, who unfortunately died at the age of 9.
He wasn’t prepared to be king.
In May 1770, at the age of 15, he married 14 year old Marie Antoinette ( the youngest daughter of the empress of Austria, Maria Teresa.)
On May 10th, 1774 Louis the XVI (at the age of 20)became king of France.


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