place are central to the life of every company, from the moment in which they are born and throughout their various development stages. A relocation, the opening of a new branch office, factory or store, maybe in a foreign country, and the start of a relationship to a supplier from a certain region: all this signs often important moments in a company’s life that can signify key turning points in its history. Such historical moments are however just the top of an iceberg: every company interplays constantly with various places, even without being fully conscious of this in every moment. Other than that, places affect companies’ lives, but companies, alone or in interaction with others, also affect places. This interplay with places happens through the various resources that firms daily handle, like products, facilities, business units and relationships. besides that, in order to see how place is utilised as a “strategic weapon” it is however also necessary to perform a deeper type of analysis within the Space-Resources grid. One could evaluate how much the single identified and specified places impact on the five issues suggested above such as costs and revenues, manageability, efficiency, development and identities and symbolic values of resources. This exercise should point at how important specific places are for the various resources and at why they are important, also in the light of the investments made in each of these places.


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