Physical environment:
Hazards within your environment are called environmental hazards. These could cause harm to patients and staff. A few examples of hazards consist of
• Temperature of rooms
• Lighting
• Pollution
• Objects
Environmental hazards could put you and patients at risk of harm. One example would be lighting within a room, having a badly lit room could lead to someone tripping or falling due to not being able to see clearly. This also ties in the hazard of objects as someone could trip and fall over a table leg or chair. If you have a client who is not bale to see very well and you are in a badly lit room it could cause frustration and irritation.
Another note to add is if you have a room that is too hot or too cold it could again cause frustration or irritation and it could also lead to serious problems such as illness. Many patients and clients are elderly and their immune systems don’t function adequately so this means that it is hard for them to maintain a steady body temperature.


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