Personality can be defined as behavior, attitudes, style and ways of doing things in a unique way, the way you present yourself to others shows your personality. An induvial with a good personality is valued and respected by all. Communication plays a very important part in one’s personality. Communication urges an individual to express themselves, thinking, understanding, and feelings. A personality disorder can occur due to environmental factors or genetic factors or even cultural issues. An individual shows signs of disorder from childhood deprecatory as they develop. Communication and personality development is designed to foster and deepen awareness of human development and interaction, through the development of observation skills (Esther Bick, 1987 , p. 188).
The first part of speech children learn are from the mouth of their parents. Parents being able to communicate with their children effectively determine how the child grows up to be able to develop good communication speech without any defect. Nowadays individual’s grow up to become inactive when expressing their words, leading to the problem of communication defect (lack of openness in embracing who they are or what they feel). It is wrong for a child to be labeled erroneously for having any type of disorder.


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