Penang Mutiara is one of the best luxurious hotels in the South-East Asia region, and it is the most competitive hotel in the region.
The hotel’s general manager insists on running an effective operation by answering all the customers demands, and by providing first class services to satisfy the customers needs and expectations. In another meaning the hotel provides impeccable products and services and most importantly, they have customer oriented strategies, which allows them to be unique and special. Therefore we can conclude that the hotel is aggressively implementing the quality strategy to meet its customers needs and maintain its highly competitive place in the market. For example, training their staff in a way to have knowledge in all categories of work at the hotel, and remembering the regular customers needs and preferences so that the next time they check in, the staff will be fast in the process in a way that the customer will have first class service. In addition to that, the manager uses materials and equipment of high value to meet the luxurious hotel qualifications, not forgetting the amazing and special designs at the hotel which gives the customer the satisfaction feeling and a high class image to the hotel.

Every operations management must have many strategies in order to improve their performances and to keep the customers satisfied and they must always be up to date with all their surroundings to be competitive and to keep their high quality products and services.
That’s why the manager of Penang Mutiara must use the strategy of supply chain management to be faster internally and externally, that means that the customer will be satisfied faster than before which leads to the high competitiveness of the hotel.
The manager can also use the innovative strategy. This means teaching new techniques to the staff in order to satisfy the customers more and more, improving in their products and services, and having the newest equipments and materials to facilitate the working process. For example, giving the newest training programs to the regular staff to be more professional with the customers because a luxurious and competitive hotel must have a maximum professionalism. The hotel can also improve in the food and drinks menu that they serve, so the customer won’t be bored from the hotel’s products, on the contrary if he is satisfied with the products he will always think about coming back to be surprised with the new and perfect products presented by the hotel.
The manager can also work on the online booking strategy that will facilitate the reservation process on the customer. For example, the customer can use the hotel’s site to easily reserve from home, noting that this site will provide him with all the informations he might need concerning the hotel.

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The five performances objectives will have an impact on the hotel’s internal benefits and external customers. These 5 performances are: Quality, speed, dependability, flexibility, cost.
Quality means internally that the employee will be satisfied by serving the customer with products and services that are error free, giving the hotel quality advantage. Externally, the customer will be receiving high quality products and services, which leads to his satisfaction and he will be loyal to the hotel and will surely come back as long as he is satisfied with the quality provided.
Speed means internally that the employee will be fast in his service caused by his fast decision making, meaning that he will be minimizing the time between the customers need of a product or service and the time he receives them in full, giving the hotel speed advantage. Speed will help reducing faster the inventory of the hotel.
Externally, the customer will realize the fast service of the hotel, which will also lead to his satisfaction.
Dependability means internally that the employees will be on time and will do things right, which means every group of employee knows what are his objectives. This will increase their trust and will decrease their time losing which will benefit the hotel’s productivity. Externally, the customer will receive his products and services on time, the promises made by hotel will be delivered so the customer will be fully satisfied giving the hotel dependability advantage.
Flexibility means internally that the employees can cope with any unexpected circumstances, this means that the employees are ready to serve the customers at any time with the same level of professionalism. Externally, the customer will notice that he is being well served even if the hotel is full, every customer receives the full attention by the hotel’s staff which gives them the flexibility advantage.
Cost means internally that the staff is not wasting any product away, and he is not wasting his time, which lowers the hotel’s cost , and using temporary staff on a peak season because it is at a lower cost.
Externally, the customer will enjoy the high quality products and services of the hotel at a lower cost, this means that the customer will be fully satisfied and even saving some money.

Penang Mutiara is a high quality hotel because it has a high performance operations management, but to remain competitive and one of the best it must always seek to innovate its strategies and the way it manages its operations.


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