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Culture, Hearing impairment
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The perspective I initially achieved during the film was that, deaf people had a really hard life. They strived to become equal with the “hearing world,” to not be out casted, to be allowed their own form of communication, and overall to be accepted for who they are. This film had so many great stories from the interviewers, they brought in that personal touch to make it effective and ensue many emotions. The whole film was very touching; I had a variation of feelings watching the film. I felt mad at times because what deaf people had to go through, sad for when the film mentioned what the children had to endure at schools, and happy when DPN happened and they showed the footage of it. Furthermore, I didn’t realize how much deaf people had to strive for throughout so many years, even today; I believe there is still some discrimination towards deaf people.

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Watching the film, the part that impacted me the most was when they started mentioning the deaf children. It may because I am a mother, but this portion of the film made me really sad. Many children were sent off to residential schools at such a young age (where parents are needed at times) and only come home for a few days. Also, children were forced, so to say, to speak because oralism ruled over sign language at times throughout the years. The children were punished if seen to using their hands for any type of communication or for any reason for that matter. In addition, it made me sad when some of the interviewers started telling their own stories of how hearing tests were done and how doctors tried to “cure” them. I know that medicine was not as advanced as it is today but some of the tests seemed cruel. I believe that the children had it worse than adults because for every new deaf generation, there were some sort of new tests or methods to be tried out. Furthermore, there were a few stories that were mentioned where parents accepted their children, and empowered them to be who they wanted to be and accomplish anything they set their mind to.


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