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Art, War
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Sun Tzu has developed a tactics on how to handle war properly with strategy and tactics. In his book Sun Tzu about the art of war I learned a lot of techniques on how to wage and win a war. He elaborated a lot of ways how to defeat our enemy but for me not all of his writings about war are applicable knowing that time and situation are changing. For me there are no external wisdom can tell us how to act because even previous successful models and theories are not effective anymore in the realities of the present scenario. But still I learned a lot from Sun Tzu like how to become a good and effective general I can relate this on my affiliation as an officer in JSWAP and as a class president because as a leader we should make strategy or plans that will help us achieved our goals. Like being a general they must be wise enough to create, organize and train their soldiers in order defeat there enemy. There are certain guidelines and rules which Sun Tzu developed based on his experienced on war.

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The first and most important area of waging a war is planning in this area the general must be critical thinker in laying his plans on how to defeat their enemies. Like my experiences as a student before taking an exam at school I always plan how to pass the exam so I study and do some readings and part of planning knows if my learning and knowledge is good enough to pass the exam. Like in war the general must know if they can defeat their enemy or they will be defeated by their enemy.

Analysis and logic at this stage is pretty import and essential. The leader must have a good instinct in knowing that either they win or lose the battle. The troops must be well trained and always ready Sun Tzu mention that it is good that the soldiers must have keen mood because it has a good impact in defeating their enemies. Like in my studies I only do my assignment and task well if I’m in the mood because our mood have an impact in all we do.

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When I was reading the Art of War by Sun Tzu there are question the keep popping up in my mind, is this writing relevant to women and if during their time women our part in the battle as a warrior. Is it possible that women can be a general or a commander especially in our present society and what are the different in men and women as a general? After a few minutes of analyzing I arrived in a certain truth that women can also be a general in their own ways because the main principle of Sun Tzu is to win a war without warfare. It’s just like mothers who discipline their child without using violence but only use the model of punishment and reinforcement. I can also relate this Art of War by Sun Tzu in our subject who also deals with management but in different ways like Art of War it talks about how to have effective management in waging a war.

I can also relate it in my daily life struggles because sometimes in war or in our own life we choose to surrender and retreat but I believed that it does not mean that I am weak. Sometimes I need to surrender or retreat when it seems I have big probability of losing a battle by our problem or our enemy. When I decide to surrender or retreat it only signifies that I have better plans in defeating my enemies. Sometimes when we know that we cannot win a fight we should retreat and find other ways on how to defeat our enemy in short we need to give time in our training to make us more stronger and make sure that we have enough resources, strategy and as well as manpower in order to defeat all our enemy and may odds favour our battle.


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