Opportunity Journal 1 – Knowing Yourself and Brief Reflection of the Future

Spend two to three hours to work on this journal
Work individually because the idea of this exercise is for self-reflection
Submit the softcopy of your completed journal through LMS by the deadline date suggested in the turnitin link
Reflection Point Your Thoughts
Knowing Yourself
What do you really enjoy doing/your passion?
You need to explain your answer in one to two paragraphs. There are many activities that give me sense of relaxation and I enjoy engaging myself into them. Exploring new places, eating good food, watching horror movies, singing and lastly doing makeup. This gives me immense pleasure out of all and I am very passionate about makeup artistry as it allows you to explore your creativity. I am always excited to discover and use new beauty products. I have done makeup for brides and friends back home.

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There are few recreational activities which I really wish doing once in my life like camping, sailing and scuba diving.

What do your friends & family envision you doing?
What strengths & weaknesses do they observe?
How do their insights help lead you to a business idea that is right for you?
NOTE: To answer this question you need to talk with your family, partner or friends. They believe that I have the potential to achieve success in whatever I do. They visualize my future to be as bright as my vision. According to them, hard work and patience are my strengths where as getting emotional and believing every one easily are my weaknesses.

They have been truly helpful in guiding me towards achieving my goals. I often discuss and share my worries with them and that definitely turns out to be helpful as they give me useful advises.

Which of your personal attributes will most help you succeed as an entrepreneur?
You need to explain your answer in one to two paragraphs. It takes a great deal to become a successful entrepreneur because it needs certain exceptional qualities to succeed as an entrepreneur.
I believe that persistently doing hard work with full determination and dedication, being punctual and sincere towards my work and above all being ardent for a successful career are the attributes that would help me succeed as an entrepreneur.

Which attributes do you think you need to further develop?
You need to explain your answer in one to two paragraphs. There are certain attributes that I would want to further develop. I always try hard to keep myself calm and relaxed in tough times because I am a person who takes stress easily. And sometimes due to that stress I lose my concentration and focus.

The other trait which I want to develop is the ability to trust someone. I find it hard to believe people, as I feel only my closed ones are trustworthy. The fear of betrayal makes it difficult for me to trust anyone. It’s important to have this ability because in future if I happen to work in a team then I should have trust in my team members so that we could work efficiently.

Brief Reflection of the future
What industry trends do you see developing over the next five to ten years?
You need to explain your answer in one to two paragraphs. You can use references to justify your answer. In this globalized era, where technology is substantially expanding in every sector, there are many industry trends that are going to experience massive developments.

Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, driver less cars, robotics etc. It would not be wrong in saying that humans would be replaced by robots at work place.

How do you think your passion fit in into these industry trends? Can your passion be a platform for a viable opportunity?
You need to explain your answer in one to two paragraphs. I would not say that my passion will completely fit into the industry trends mentioned above. But it is undeniably a fast growing domain.
Yes, indeed it will turn into fruitful opportunity because it will give me a platform where I can showcase my skills and gain experience, helping in gradually increases my career graph.

Who are your entrepreneurial role models – explain what you see in these people?
Can you foster any of them into mentors – why or why not? I look up to Huda Kattan and Aliya Baig who are perfect entrepreneurial role models. They have excelled in their careers as entrepreneurs.

I would be fortuitous to be mentored by any one of them. I will be able to learn different aspects of business and what is takes to be an entrepreneur. I can acquire great amount of knowledge and experience from them. They would help me in making my passion develop as a colossal business platform.


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