One of the most important characteristics of the Chinese political environment, which was form the largest market of Huawei , that is also the ruling party party exerts a lot of influences on a country economics environment (Piotroski , Wong & Zhang , 2015). Hence, any occurrence that influences the Chinese politics has a heavy impact on Huawei’s profitability. For example, Piotroski, Wong ; Zhang (2015) had suggested that on political promotions and the National Congress meetings, the stock prices of most Chinese firm fall, Globally, The organisation’s profitability is subject to the political climate in the respective countries. In that case of lack of stability in its global markets, The largest being Europe, Huawei is unable to make sales (Ba,Ze hou & Qing, 2016). On the other hand, according to Ba, Zehou & Qing (2016) International and local politics that may affect Huawei Operations Positively. For example, The Chinese Government strongly support the telecommunication sector by ensuring the sufficient training of the engineering students, which increasing the competitiveness of those domestic labour force and this making domestic labour force highly competitive. Secondly, the government provides loan an incentives to promote the local manufacturers (Xuesong,2016) which gives these local companies an edge over their external counterparts.


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