One of the hardest things to discover but then one of the more important perspectives in picking an organization; are the people. When you go over through eight to ten hours every day with similar individuals, it is imperative to be a fit with the people you are working with. AlDar helps to sponsor many events that allow interns to meet others in their intern class, as well as employees and partners at the firm.
I also realized that everyone in AlDar work together as a team. This shows that all the group work we do in the courses we take help us get used to that. I found out that as well, that making good relationships with the people you work with makes things much easier to work with them. Getting to know the people in the team I was working with allowed me to feel more comfortable in asking about things I did not understand.
Individuals are normally social, we desire companionship and positive cooperation, so it makes sense that a better workplace environment will be a major reason to your success in the organization

To start up with, one of the most important people in the organization and had a significant impact on my success are my manger, colleagues, and supervisor because they were the reason behind the knowledge I’ve gained so far throughout my stay until now in the organization. To be more precise, they answered all my questions in details and assisted me through giving me a background about the company and how the work goes on. Moreover, the employees and employers were very friendly and provided a good calm office which motivated me to work harder during my duty.
There are a variety of steps that I’m willing to take in order to build a good relationship with them. For instance, I am willing to build a good line of communication by sharing ideas with the employees, hear their opinions, and ask them simple personal questions. Building a good communication line with your employer and colleagues is a very important step to achieve and maintain a good relationship with them. Additionally, another important step that I should take is to build trust and be honest with my coworkers in the organization. Moreover, I am willing and already started to do my work on time and try to be a valuable team member by being prepared ahead of time ,participate by answering thoughtful answers, and try my best to add value for the organization because that will deflect a good impression about me. In addition, I have to be confident and reasonable if I want to argue or share something because that builds my colleagues confidence in me. Showing and being able to do your best in the organization will make me look good in the eyes of the team that I’m working with, this will build me with a good reputation in front of them and will obviously make them happy and eventually will make them satisfied of my work, and hence it may be a good starting point for me.

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