One can be easily captivated by the song “This is America” by Childish Gambino and “Where is the love?”, sung by Black Eyed Peas, not only because of their upbeat tunes but the meanings behind it. With both lyrics expressing the hidden feelings of individuals and society in general, the songs address current ongoing issues the world is willing to do nothing about. With both songs possessing very similar qualities, both artists illustate that our society has become very self obsessed and that everything is based on your status and appearance. Racism and discrimintaion play a large part in both songs and illustrate the often brutalites faced when living as a black citizen in America and with the way the world is going we are creating our own violence and terrorism, destroying humanity.The artists try to assist us by broadening our knowledge about whats’s really going on in our society and encourages us to be loving and caring towards one another no matter your race.


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