Oltjana Molishtari
“No, I Do Not Want to Pet Your Dog,” Farhad Manjoo. (313-317)
1. What is Manjoo’s thesis?
The author argues that dogs’ owners have to be more responsible for their dogs and should not bring them anywhere in public spaces without strong control over them. Manjoo explains his argument based on his personal experience and some dog’s bites per year to different Americans. The author points the harm that dogs can cause if they are not controlled by their owners. Manjoo maintains that owners should be more responsible for their pets. The Author concludes his article with a call for action to stop the occupation of public spaces from dogs.

2. Do you agree with his thesis? Explain.

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Manjoo perfectly maintains that responsible for dogs’ attitude are their owners and sometimes they do not keep their responsibilities. I completely agree with Manjoo thesis about dogs public spaces and owners’ responsibilities. I am not a dog lover. I base my attitude on my scared experience with dogs back in time in my country. I was walking with my sister on the sidewalk when I felt something attacked me in my leg. I was shocked, it happened fast and unexpected. Fortunately, I survived. I did not have a big physical harm but I had a big psychological trauma at that time. After this, I was scared to walk alone. But, what happened with the dog? Did the dog have an owner? Who is responsible for this dog? I never had answers to those questions. The animals have rights. It is not fair to kill them, to abuse or disregard them.

But they have owners who have to be more responsible for their dogs’ behavior and understandable to other people whose do not have dogs and maybe do not like animals. Otherwise, do not hold animals if He/She is irresponsible for them, especially in the public spaces. Owning an animal is not a luxury but it is a big responsibility.


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