Occasionally, everybody makes bad decisions. They are often made without any regard for consequences that may occur in the long run. Most of the time, these types of decisions are harmless in terms of the future, unless you are Romeo Montague or Juliet Capulet. The scene is set in Verona, where these two teens fall madly in love. The only obstacle in their way of living a happy life together is their feuding families, which happens to be the cause of them taking their own lives to remain together in the end. In William Shakespeare’s tragic play of Romeo and Juliet, it is clearly demonstrated how the roots of any conflict occurring in the play can always be traced back to one of his character’s bad decisions. Shakespeare uses the theme of ‘bad decisions’ to teach readers three important lessons: to not seek revenge or act irrationally, to not assume things before they occur, and to not let love act too quickly.


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