Nowadays, teaching English has become a challenging task as students have become more and more electic in terms language knowledge and level of competence. That’s why teachers try to create new environment to meet the students’ needs and demands. This framework analysis would benefit both parties: teachers in that the process of teaching should focus on the students’ specific needs and students in which they will meet their needs in terms of knowledge abilities and skills.
In this context, a survey in which students were asked to express their level of satisfaction related to the English course as well as to suggest topics and language issues they would like to deal with. In this case, study, the responses were analyzed to be interpreted in order to adopt the content of the course to meet the students’ expectations.
1) Designing an ESP course :
The language course for Business and Engineering students should be designed according to their needs and expectations.
ESP activities should be developed to meet the learner’s needs .Thus, needs analysis is a vital tool to assess the specific points needed by the students. In the second year of Business and Engineering from the North University Centre of Baia Marc, Technical University of Cluj Napoca in which the main aim is to assess their personal and language information and to set up areas of competence that an ESP student needs to develop.
English is considered the lingua franca of international technical professions. Most technical universities demand their students to study at least one course in a foreign language and the choice will be either English, French or German.
As a result, many questions come under discussion. However, many pragmatics suggest that what unifies lingua Franco speech is communication strategies rather than the result of any structural convergence.


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