Now closings are also something you have show accountability for. Even though you are not the one that that does the closing its a corporal and above, you still have to be there making sure they do a physical count as well, and they annotate the correct amount on the DA form 2062. It is your job to be accountable for the items that are missing during the closing by knowing where they are and having the proper paper work for such items.K
Now going back to accountability. Accountability means preventing something from going wrong. Its is demanded of you that when you are accountable you are in charge you are responsible. So bu saying this its your job to make sure everything thats is put in your hands runs. Smoothly even if its taking over as a platoon sergeant, if its making sure people show up to work and aren’t late, or even if its ensuring you arm room is accounted for like in my case. We cant say that every thing will run smoothie because that would be a complete lie. We are human beings and we are eventually going to fail or make a mistake at some point. It is bound to happen someday but it would be best if it does not and how can we prevent it. Well easy the only way I can I know and I’ve been taught in the army, paying attention to detail and maintaining your focus on what you are doing. Being a well maintained soldier is ur duty and responsibility to your own self, your peers and specially your unit. The army spends a lot of money n equipment and belongings for their soldiers, so as part of the Army’s responsibility they expect you to be accoutable and know where your equipment is at all times. No matter where you are stationed in the states in Iraq, anywhere over seas there is always someone that is accountable for something in the Army. Rather its an enlisted soldier or a commissioned officer one is always held liable, and in todays army responsibility and accountability play a huge factor on a soldiers life and a successful career.


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