No nation can escape the turmoils of climate change, whether large or small, developed or under-developed, rich or poor. Global warming is the warming of the soil and our planet is increasing quickly in temperature. Due to Climate change, our entire planet is vulnerable to the dangers of global warming. Although, there are certain geographical regions that are more powerless to the dangers. Around the world, numerous islands are gradually but doubtlessly being submerged, and the individuals who possess those islands are tragically being uprooted from their homes and moved to neighboring territories. In 2007 there was a massive polar ice melt and the number of glaciers and sea ice has decreased quite a bit since the ’70s. This has already caused the sea levels to rise. The pace of global sea level rise nearly doubled from 1.7 mm/year throughout most of the twentieth century to about one-eighth of an inch (3.1 mm) per year since 1993 (Lindsey, 2018).
I. Over the last century our planets temp. has risen 1 degree, I know that doesn’t sound like much, but I assure you it is enough to melt glaciers as well as the polar ice caps. But even more, pose threat to human health.
II. The result of Climate change is extreme dry seasons, floods, avalanches, and storms.
III. plenty of research has been conducted during the past years, which appears that the climate is continuously changing due to the impact of human activity
IV. Thesis: Climate change influences an expanding number of individuals and may lead to unsalvageable catastrophe results for all generations to come and the planet in general, with no clear solutions.

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I. A major issue that researchers have watched is the consistent increase in sea levels on a worldwide scale due to the increase in sea temperatures as well as the temperature of our planet.
A. Throughout our history the hottest years ever on record were in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
B. The U.N. board on climate change suggests that by the end of this century the worldwide temps. will have risen 3-10 degrees, plenty to melt the rest of the polar ice caps. And it’ll likely be too hot for a few or all our local crops to thrive.
C. Due to this, Greenland’s and Antarctic Ice Sheets, small ice caps and glaciers are melting speedier than ever.
D. More importantly, the EPA projects that by the conclusion of this century the ocean levels will rise 2 to 3 feet. Just in our country 10 thousand square miles is estimated to flood.

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II. Various recurring health issues have been observed in individuals, just to name a few, asthma, cardiovascular issues, and cancer, which are predominately due to climate change.
A. Increasing levels of carbon dioxide lead to rising temperatures, which in turn cause irreversible changes in the flora and fauna, climate, and the global ocean (WWF, 2016).
B. Particularly, children, ladies, and the elderly are more defenseless to these issues. Among many other reasons, industrial plants discharging toxin substances and waste items are the major contributor to this destruction.
C. Change within the climate has various repercussions and the foremost dreadful one is pollution in air and water, which are the foremost fundamental necessities of life. Adding to the devastation is the fact that our rainforest is being demolished and trees take in carbon dioxide so without trees more carbon dioxide is being released into the air.
D. Of course, I can’t forget one of the most vital contributors, the greenhouse gasses which trap heat into the air. Gasses such as carbon dioxide happen naturally, shockingly through human activity these gasses are being created in unusual amounts; for instance, burning of fuels such as oil, and natural gas. Vehicles exuding damaging substances like harmful smog, and diesel fuel, all contribute to climate change. Ultra-violet beams and high temperature increase the ground-level ozone, which may harm the lung tissues resulting in serious lung diseases.
E. More climate change is influencing wildlife, the Busch administration suggested posting the polar bear as endangered due to global warming (Burnett 1). In the event that the environment of polar bears is ice and ice is melting due to the warming of the soil, at that point polar bears have minimal places to live. Indeed, research shows that the polar ice caps may melt within the next fifty years causing polar bears to drown and freeze in the Arctic waters. (Burnett 1)

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V. We must make it our personal obligation in order to save our climate and most importantly our planet, there’s no need to protest or even spend much money
B) There are many things we can do around our homes that if done collectively, will make a difference, of course some being smaller than others.
VI. We can begin by planting trees. If not at home find a school or even a forest that will let you plant them. We need trees when completely grown they assist in keeping the planet cooler. However, they are chopping them down to make streets, homes, shopping malls and parking lots. A) Utilizing public transport as much as possible That way you’re making a difference to diminish pollution as well as getting a work out, sparing water and not overusing it, not tossing waste materials or other garbage into the rivers and oceans, avoiding plastic bags , we should commit to responsible resource use and waste management, in turn, by following these basic strategies, we will certainly assist in saving our planet and our climate to some degree.
I. Closing: The sad part is that most of the countries are not pursuing environment-friendly development. If we don’t pay heed to protect the environment, it is ultimately going to harm our next generation.
II. Imagine a life without water or trying to catch your breath, but you can’t due to the extremely poisonous air? We certainly don’t want to give our future generations such dangerous living conditions. So today is the time we need to be more cautious, and responsible, without doubt our futures depends on it.


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