Nisha Shrestha
Topic :- CINEMA
(1st draft)
DEFINITION : A literature review is an objective, critical summary of published research literature relevant to a topic under consideration for research. Its purpose is to create familiarity with current thinking and research on a particular topic, and may justify future research into a previously overlooked or understudied area.

Literature review of the given topic :
A cinema is a place where movies are shown to the public for entertainment purpose. During the movie industry’s first century, movie theaters represented the
first-release retail market for the American film industry. Until movies were first broadcast on television in the late 1950s, and later became available on video, they could only be seen in a movie theatre.Moreover, until the recent introduction of alternative digital delivery technologies and big screen televisions, the primary medium for watching movies on large, wide screens has also been in movie theaters (Sliver ; McDonnell, 2007).
Cinema is the most common means of entertainment for all age groups. It is a visual aid which plays a vital role in educating the masses. If the pictures are based on realities and dealt with the present societies then the people will understand life and society better. Moreover, it helps to spread knowledge. Through films, the film makers try to educate people about the social evils prevailing in the society like child marriage, untouchability, discrimination, sexual abuse and corruption. Today, films are being produced not just to entertain people but also to bring various issues of present society by touching issues of every area such as society, education, politics as well as terrorism.  It can teach people about various components of life like social and moral values, ethics, affection, decency, nobility, religious tolerance, regard for the elderly and women, advantages of joint family system etc (Sambasivan 2015).
Every aspect has it’s own advantages as well as disadvantages. Similarly, cinema also has some certain disadvantages of its own. Nowadays cinemas are full of indecent scenes, violence, sexual abuse, crimes and indecent exposure which have polluted the minds of not only adults but teenagers and little kids also. The scenes of violence, crime, sex, communication, untouchability and discrimination produces frustration and lead to abnormal social behaviour in adults as well as small kids. Moreover, these days cinema has been replaced by commercialism and it has lost its value and purpose. Film-makers are inserting various low-value components to make film successful. Majority of the movies are stuffed with vulgar scenes, lewd comments, and abusive language. They don’t give any knowledge of social purpose, message, relevance and significance. People copy those indecent and silly acts portrayed in the films and they get involved in rape, passing offensive comments, teasing girls and outraging their modesty. Cinema has had a role in deforming the image of society and women in particular. 
Therefore, it is clear that the both sides make huge discussions regarding the pros and cons of the cinema. As a result, this study targets to collect and analyse public’s view regarding cinema.

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