Nike believes in “pyramid of influence”, and it strategically positions itself and uses celebrity marketing as its core marketing strategy to create its brand image

•Pros –
A repeatable model allows managers to refine skills and systematize processes. Their clearly defined audience target –athletes, sports enthusiasts, well off and brand conscious customers –makes it easy for them to make target-centric ad campaigns. It represents emotions and promotes its brand as a brand of allegiance and loyalty. It uses geographic segmentation to promote its products and brand.
•However Nike has, always, only been about 1 thing; it only delivers a specific kind of product.

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•Cons –
It mainly focuses on producing high-products with cutting edge technology and sells them at competitive prices. It does not communicate to the middle class and lower class society.

•Risks –
Intense competition and the influence of spokespersons poses a risk to their strategies. Also ever changing demands and choices of the consumers along with the international expansion poses a risk to their strategies.


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