Next, I want to open a business. For business-minded individuals who want to make a break in the industry, this one’s for you. Running a business is one thing, but starting a company is a whole other story that could take years to accomplish. For one thing, entering the corporate world can be risky. There’s always the possibility of going bankrupt over wrong investments or being scammed by fellow associates and other investors. Because of this, you need to prepare yourself financially, mentally, and emotionally. The stress and pressure of being an entrepreneur can take a toll in your well-being, so you need take good care of yourself. Although this can be quite daunting, don’t be scared to take the leap. You can’t expect a return in investment anytime soon, but it’s a gradual process that’ll all work out in the end if you put your heart into it.

Moreover, I need to increase my performance metrics. Certain industries and companies use performance metrics when they evaluate an employee’s performance, productivity and effectiveness levels.  Metric numbers generally measure things such as customer satisfaction, organization performance, employee competence and cost management.  Metrics are usually measured on a weekly basis, but they can be measured daily as well.  A good career goal could be to increase my performance metrics, which will help show the value that I bring as an employee to the organization or company that I am working for.

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Last but not least I want to retire at age of 65. There’ll come a time when my legs won’t work like they used to before. I will start forgetting the things I knew about an hour ago. I might even have a hard time climbing a flight of stairs I used to dash pass a couple years before. When all these occur, maybe it’s time to consider a retirement. When I was young, it’s good to plan ahead. This allows me to make the right financial investments for the future. Retirement is bound to come somehow, whether it’s due to old age or health issues. Setting a goal on when I wish to retire is an excellent way to prepare myself for what’s to come. I will learn to make the most out of present scenarios and plan on what happens after I retire. For example, I can plan on moving away from the city or I want to start a charity foundation with my retirement money instead. Although these goals may possibly change as time goes by, it’s good to have something planned nonetheless.


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