Newspapers are considered to be the first sources of mass media in history. They are still being published, but the new media sets the trend in journalism and traditional media are subject to inevitable changes.
Needless to say that in the recent past newspapers was an integral part of culture and daily life when family members could have shared news and discussed important events during a meal. Now this scenario has differently changed by giving preference to new media technologies, it other words, by adapting to the current media environment. Thus, the press has shifted to its digital version where it could easily reach out to audience. But, some newspapers still leave analytical materials, exclusive interviews for printed publications in order to survive new media attack.
Now internet appears as the combination of producing news and communication. It’s new possibilities unit a news maker and an audience into a single medium. The new tendencies in the digital news ecosystem make the journalist move to another level where he needs to share his previously privileged position with the audience, bloggers and citizens.
The plasticity of new media technology changes both reporting capabilities and audience behaviors.


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