Nayden Fromberg
Mr. Leib
English 9 Period 6
15 November 2018

Give Me a Break
Ninety percent of all students that attend Northern Highlands Regional High School participate in an extracurricular activity. Whether partaking in a sport or a club, almost all students participate in something extracurricular. While most practices or meetings occur after school, they may also meet during weekends and during school. When a part of a team or club, a big commitment will have to occur because these teams and clubs not only meet on school days and some weekends, but on school vacations as well. When on a school break, the student should enjoy their time off from school and participate in non school related activities. In some clubs and teams, they make meetings or practices mandatory which is unfair to the participant and his or her family because they cannot make plans and enjoy their time off from school. Northern Highlands should not have extracurricular activities during the summer and winter and spring breaks because it takes away chances for students to do non school related activities and an actual break from school.
We have school breaks to do non related school activities and to give students a break from school. About fifty percent of high school students get stressed because of school, said by Alexandra Ossola, an NYU graduate from the health department and writer for The Atlantic. Winter, spring and summer breaks create the perfect time for students to relax and forget about all school related activities. Some students get stressed over sports and worry about messing up in important matches and other students get stressed over clubs because a lot of clubs involve a lot of work. School breaks give the perfect opportunity for students to have no worries. Too little down time causes a ton of stress in students. Many students who have busy after school schedules have little or no down time, which can cause stress. Giving students a break from after school activities will relieve stress because they will get more time to themselves.
School breaks give students the perfect opportunity to spend time with their families. On almost all days students have to contribute to their extracurricular activities, therefore taking all chances to spend time with family. The New York Post says, on average Americans spend about thirty seven minutes each day with their family because sixty percent of families describe their lives as hectic. These people have hectic lives because they keep on having to pick up their kids from their after school activities. School breaks will give the student and their family more time to spend with each other. The Family Travel Association at NYU estimates that families spend about a week each year on vacations. School breaks give the perfect opportunity to go on vacation because the student will not have to miss school. But if extracurricular activities meet on school breaks, families won’t have any time to spend with each other.
However, alternatively, many students do not go on family vacations during school breaks. Extracurricular activities will give those students something to do on school breaks. They may have to do work, but it will still keep the person occupied. Forty nine percent of Americans do not go on vacations during breaks, said by writer Shawn Carter for CNBC’s program, Make It. When a club or sport meets on school breaks, it creates a perfect way for a person to stay occupied. Ninety percent of the students at Northern Highlands who participate in an extracurricular activity sign up because they enjoy that sport or club. Many people wouldn’t mind doing stuff they enjoy over school breaks because they signed up to do the extra work or go to the extra practice. But even if one enjoys their club or sport, they still may not want to participate in that activity during school breaks because they would rather have a break from their activities.
School break should not stress out kids, but let kids have fun and enjoy their time off. Kids should not have to participate in extracurricular activities over breaks because they need the break from school and their activities. Spending time with family and relaxing should come before participating in a club or sport on school breaks because we deserve a break from school. We sign up for an extracurricular activity because we enjoy it, but that does not mean we will enjoy participating on them during school breaks. Northern Highlands should not have extracurricular activities during the summer and during winter and spring breaks because it takes away chances for students to do non school related activities and an actual break from school.

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